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About us

Company profile: advanced biolab service GmbH

The advanced biolab service logo, a simple drawing of a lab centrifuge which also can be interpreted as a symbol of the multi component service we provide around our instruments. The advanced biolab service GmbH has been founded by the two service technicians Axel Kuenzler and Ludwig Stoeckl as a result of a long lasting working cooperation and friendship. Since January 2008 we provide combined service to our customers in Germany and whole Europe with the sale of perfectly refurbished instruments and excellent service around the instruments.

We are focused on DNA, RNA, peptide synthesizer and DNA sequencer instruments from the manufacturer Applied Biosystems (ABI, a former division of Applera corporation, previously Perkin Elmer corporation (PE), Foster City, California, USA, Invitrogen, now life technologies). Independent of the original manufacturer, we care about our customers by offering them instrument and full service /individual repair / preventive maintenance quotes matching their individual needs. Our goals are long term customer relation ships (which is the best way of advertising, you can imagine) and to make our customers completely satisfied and happy with their instruments.

Operating from our workshop in Munich, we have customers all over Europe and provide instrument sales, installation and user training service, warranty and on-demand repair service at the customers place or in our workshop, if shipping the instrument (mostlikely only DNA, RNA and peptide synthesizers) is the better solution.

As a current "two-man-show", we give our best to handle all customer requests as quickly as possible, but we don't guarantee a repair within 24-48 hours like the original manuafacturer. Instead we promise to care about your problem within the next few days, if we are available in Munich. The good economical situation motivates us to add more man power to our team very soon.

Existing customers of Ludwig Stoeckl's synthesizer and reagent service will normally still be serviced by his "old" private company. All new customers and bigger instrument and service requests will be handeled by the advanced biolab service GmbH.

About: Axel Kuenzler

Axel Kuenzler, founder and managing director of advanced biolab service GmbH As a graduate of Biology (Diplombiologe LMU Munich, majoring in genetics) with outstanding computing knowledge and extensive technical experience, Axel Kuenzler was for many years head of computing systems (with additional responsibilties for technology and production) for the Munich biotech companies Metabion and Mikrogen. Thanks to his love of electrical and mechanical solution-finding he had already gathered broad expert knowledge in the repair of a variety of machines before Ludwig Stoeckl introduced him to the world of DNA, RNA, peptide-sythesis and later DNA-sequencing machines. Since then he has focussed his efforts on advanced biolab service's sequencer customers with great passion. As managing director he is also responsible for the adminstrative side of the company.

About: Robert Lechner

Robert Lechner, Servicetechniker mit viel Erfahrung Seit 2012 unterstützt Robert Lechner (Diplom Biologe, Doktorant, TU-München) als Servicetechniker vor Ort und in der Zentrale das abs Team mit seiner technischer Erfahrung tatkräftig in allen Bereichen. Seinem Wissen über Elektronik und Microkontroller setzt er gezielt ein bei unseren Bemühungen die energie-ineffizienten Argonlaser durch Halbleiterlaser (Diodenlaser, Solid State Laser) zu ersetzen.

About: Janosch Kretzschmann

Janosch Kretzschmann, jüngste Verstärkung des advanced biolab service Teams Janosch Kretzschmann ist der jüngste Zuwachs im Team. Mit seiner schnellen Auffassungsgabe und Einblicken in die technischen Hintergründe meister er bereits alle Aufgaben zur vollen Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden. "Nebenher" betreut und erweitert er ein umfangreiches Labor-Informations-System zur Verwaltung aller Tätigkeiten rund um forensische und Vaterschaftliche Abläufe im Labor. Jederzeit demonstriert er Ihnen die umfangreichen Funktionen seiner Microsoft Access und Office basierten Lösung.

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