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Welcome to the professional service

View onto the reagent valves of an ABI 3900HT DNA / RNA synthesizer with turn around valve option for easy exchange of broken valves and to prevent electrical short cuts of leaking valves. advanced biolab service GmbH was founded in January 2008 as a cooperation of the service engineers Axel Kuenzler and Ludwig Stoeckl. From the beginning on, we are focused on the high expectations of our customers into the long term reliability of our refurbished biotech instruments and our own expectations into providing excellent customer care and repair service.

Laser plasma tube inside a Showa GLG3078 laser, used in ABI 3100(-Avant), ABI 3130(XL) and ABI 3730(XL) sequencers since end of 2003. Beside exchanging lasers, we provide full service for your ABI sequencer. By focusing on DNA sequencer instruments from Applied Biosystems (ABI, a former division of Applera corporation, previously Perkin Elmer corporation (PE), Foster City, California, USA, Invitrogen, now life Technologies within Thermo Fisher Scientific) we are able to provide full service for all hardware and software problems and for all questions about the best application of the instruments for our customers in Europe. In our oppinion, good service starts with an independent recommendation for an instrument type, that fits your needs the best way. We don't devide between customers, who purchased instruments from us or have ongoing service contracts and those taking care about their instruments on their own and just needing help in case of troubles. We take care about your instrument, even if the manufacturer has quit providing service for this type.

Let us convince you

ABI 310 buffer valve solenoid with optical sensor. Our refurbished instruments have been taken apart completely, being cleaned, lubricated, tested and calibrated with pasion to make them work without problems in your lab for a long time. ... of the reliability of our refurbished instruments and the acurate service we provide. The laser of your sequencer dropped power output and needs exchange? Your instrument is standing still because of a hard or software fault and needs repair? Your run results look unusual? You have questions about the instrument related software? Or you are looking for a second hand biotech instrument in excellent condition with warranty sold and serviced by professional and experienced engineers?

Please inform us about your needs and we will find a solution together!

Sincerely, Axel with service team.

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